Home For Christmas-Part I

“Two little blond-haired boys with big dreams
Tried to sleep but sleep wouldn’t come
And we’d be tearing into presents
Long before the break of dawn
With mom and dad and cameras making sure
We’d never forget that day, no, no, no
Now I’m the one who’s taking pictures
In the middle of the night
Of my own little dreamers
That just can’t wait until daylight
And in my sleepy eyes the spark still glows
Well, I guess there’s just some things a kid never outgrows”
                  Christmas Is All In The Heart
                    by Stephen Curtis Chapman

What WONDERFUL Christmas memories and traditions you celebrate with your children? Will they remember them when they grow up and look back to their childhood years? Will they celebrate them with their children when they have a family of their own?

Christmas is extra special when you see it through your little one’s eyes. Their magic of believing, the cozy-cuddling nights of anticipation on Christmas Eve, and the surprise and happy faces on Christmas morning feeds us with extreme joy and gives us hope for a better world. Or maybe reminds us of our very own childhood dreams. Childhood is fleeting; we need to preserve it as much as possible before it is all gone.

That was the parents’desire for this Home for Christmas session.  Mom wanted a different kind of Christmas session, one that was at home. My mind immediately jumped fast thinking of the “Day in the Life” style of sessions. These extraordinary sessions document the intimate, true-to-life, happy moments in a family’s every or special day. These lifestyle sessions are so much fun for the kids. They quickly learn that they can be themselves in front of the camera and just have fun doing whatever is that they are doing. Can you imagine the number of images for these kinds of sessions? Needless is to say that mom and dad will have a whole day frozen in time for their little ones’ childhood Christmas. These memories are priceless!

There are sooo many beautiful images for this “Home for Christmas” lifestyle session that I think is best to separate it like in chapter. Speaking of chapters of a book…their Storybook album is simply AMAZING! I’ll show it in post Part II. 
Christmas Morning

Family food fights are allowed 🙂 These cookies are Santa’s cookies!

Part II will come soon…make sure you see their storybook.

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