Le Petit Jardin Babies

It’s a happy garden with vibrant, colorful flowers, white picket fences, and the cutest set of twin flower babies to play in it. “Le Petit Jardin” is a little dream set up perfect to celebrate these twins sisters’ first birthday.

The Set

“Lots of bright, colorful flowers” was what mom asked when we were pre consulting for this session. Is a good thing I have a minor obsession collecting flowers! Lots and lots of different realistic kinds of flowers. I immediately thought of white picket fences and flower pots and vines, and in the middle of this dreamy garden, the two little flowers sitting on the white bench. Always have to add a book or two to add to the magic and The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Barnett was the perfect choice. 

The Twin Girls

Babies are naturally curious. I create multi-sensorial sets that allow babies to explore, interact, touch and feel, and satisfy this natural curiosity in a safety play set. While they are happily playing they will spontaneously give the most genuine smiles, the cutest curious faces, or the little glimpses of their true blossoming personality. Babies’ real expressions and genuine smiles are my absolutely most favorite things to capture in a session and I’m sure that’s what you as moms want to preserve the most too.

As soon as we sat them on the mat they were ready to  explore
Twin A

Twin BCan you tell them apart? They are so cute! You can even see their different personalities.

And now is tea time!
And then they got tired and it was time to go!
First birthdays are a big milestone in your baby’s life. Make sure you make something so special for them it sets the mark. But not only do a special birthday o celebration. Reserve a beautiful custom stylized session and preserve their images in a costum design heirloom book they can treasure forever!

What is your baby’s first birthday theme? 

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