Celebrate your furever special relationship and the connection you share. What are the moments with your pet you want to hold on to?  

Your experience with Happy Thoughts Studio begins with a discovery consultation to understand what your furbabies mean to you and your family and how it has brought you all closer than ever.

Then, we will make plans to create the perfect mood for your session. We will talk about what to wear and how to best prepare for the session. Just breathe, relax, and we will help each step of the way.  

During your photographic session, we will celebrate your relationship with each other.

Shortly after your session, you will experience your photographs during your Cinematic Reveal and Design Consultation, where we will assist you in the selection and customization of Artwork for your home. 

Your happy thoughts studio's experience

They love you unconditionally!
You're his life, his love, his human. You mean the world to him!
You know without words the meaning of his wagging tail, his
snuffs and grunts, and his barks. 

You know without words the meaning of her nuzzles, her purrs, her meows. But, your levels of communication go deeper than words can express.

The levels of your bond go deeper still...

What are the moments with your pet you want to hold on to?


If you are ok with dirty pawprints on the floor, slobbery kisses on your face, wet noses, fur on your clothes, then you are madly in love with your furbaby. 

A 10% discount available for active and retired members of our Armed Forces from the purchase of any of our Catalog products.

We support our military families.


 - A discovery consultation to learn more about the unique relationship with your furbaby..
- Your fun and exciting photo session.
- A cinematic reveal of 30-40 photographs celebrating you and your relationships.
- A design and ordering consultation during which we will design the most perfect wall art, album and portrait collections for your home.
- Full use of our designer dresses.
- This custom designed artwork will be made available to you for purchase.
- High resolution digitals are sold separately.
- ALL Products are sold separately. See our product page and call our studio for more information.

Your session fee includes:


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