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By MarElly, San Antonio Family Photographer “Two little blond-haired boys with big dreams Tried to sleep but sleep wouldn’t come And we’d be tearing into presents Long before the break of dawn With mom and dad and cameras making sure We’d never forget that day, no, no, no Now I’m the one who’s taking pictures […]

Children, Family

November 17, 2017

Home For Christmas-Part I

By MarElly, San Antonio Children Photographer I LOVE a child’s magical world of PLAY PRETEND! I create sets that allow children to visit this magical place through imagination. That’s what I thrive to do and to capture. I have photographed this little girl since she was 3 years old every year for her birthday. This year’s theme […]

Children, Storybooks

August 9, 2017

Two Little Mermaids

Mermaid photo shoot

By MarElly, San Antonio Family Photographer Welcome Summer! I have the privilege to live in one of the best places for a family vacation in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico has beautiful crystalline beaches, rainforests, and desserts and even bioluminescent bays. Yes, I’m a lucky girl! The best part of vacationing in Puerto Rico, besides yummy food, is NO […]

Children, Family

June 12, 2017

Rincon Family Vacation

Rincon Beach Family Session

By MarElly, San Antonio Family Photographer “Never forget that I love you. Life is filled with hard times and good times. Learn from everything you can. Be the woman I know you can be.” Mom I LOVE VINTAGE! I love tea parties in lush rose gardens, vintage lace and lots, and lots of roses. And […]

Children, Family, Storybooks

May 17, 2017

Vintage Mother and Daughter Session

Vintage Mommy and me

A Mother’s Legacy Series What is your LEGACY? I believe a mother’s unconditional love is the most beautiful gift we leave to our children. As Mother’s Day was approaching, I was wondering how could I do something special that really capture this unconditional love, and not just to do “something nice” for mom as we usually do […]

Children, Family, Special Offers, Studio News

April 21, 2017

A Mother’s Legacy Series

By MarElly, San Antonio Children Photographer Play pretend and dress up are one of the things most little girls love to play the most, especially if she has a dear sister to share the fun with. This vintage styled session was inspired by the love and strong bonding these sisters share. These girls are so […]

Children, Storybooks

April 12, 2017

Two Little Princesses

Little Princess children photography

By MarElly, San Antonio Children Photographer I almost always ask parents, “what would you like to remember about your kids at this age when they are no longer this little?”  And almost everytime the question is so easily answered with the most memorable of playtime games, or the toy they are playing with the most or […]

Children, Family, Storybooks

March 17, 2017

Where The Wild Things Are

Dragons Make Good Neighbors is a book with dragons, swords, and ice cream? Yes, ice cream! Ice cream is perfect to calm “the hot in the tummy” as so cute this little boy used to say when he was thirsty and wanted ice cream to eat. What little boy doesn’t love dragons, swords and…ice cream? And […]

Children, Family, Storybooks

January 28, 2017

Dragons, Swords, and Ice Scream?


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