New Year, New Studio

Welcome, 2018!

From gorgeous and sexy maternity sessions, tender and honest lifestyle newborns sessions, first birthdays with lots of cakes’ smashing, play pretend and imagination soaring with “Little Dreamers” sessions, and magazine style senior sessions… this year we had them ALL! What a wonderful year 2017 was! Even when we didn’t predict relocating our studio after two mayor Cat 5 hurricanes decimated our island, Puerto Rico three months before ending the year.

We had always planned to open a second studio that included traveling photography. We just didn’t know THIS was going to be the year. So, after five successful years of creating modern yet timeless memories through photographs and beautiful heirloom Storybooks for our clients, we are thrilled to officially announce our new studio opening in San Antonio, Texas in January 2018.

Happy Thoughts has always been a magical, fantastic place for play pretend and make-believe for little ones. We strongly believe in childhood and childhood dreams, may they be your child’s dreams or your own! We passionately believe in preserving innocence and encouraging kids never to grow up, always keeping their Happy Thoughts (thus the Studio’s name) close by to make them fly to Neverland as often as possible! Sometimes parents join too, and it’s the most fantastic dream! All we add is the pixie dust! Do you want to fly with me?

This is a little overview of how much fun we had in 2017!

Lil’ Dreamers Sessions

These interactive sessions are custom created to encourage child’s play and thus, child’s genuine smiles. Every single prop is selected not only to create the right look on the set but also to invite kids to explore through real play. Kids that are allowed to explore, touch and play are the happiest. I thrive on genuine soulful expressions of who and how they are at this age. It is my constant question to parents “how do you want to remember your kids at this age?” or “what is what your kids love doing the most at this age?”. The answer to these questions is usually what helps us choose the theme for this one of a kind Lil’ Dreamers Sessions. And, yes, I’m a PROPAHOLIC!

Tea party children photography
First birthday sessions are best when doing a Lil’ Dreamers session instead if just a cake smashing session. Cake smash Little Prince baby boyLittle Prince Cake smashFloral teepee cake smashAmerican Girl BirthdayFrom gorgeous girls wishing of becoming mermaids to living the dream of becoming one!From dress up and playing Princess to having a tea party with dad!Fishing on the dock and cooking on the campsite.

Maternity Sessions

I love intimate, romantic moments between new parents-to-be, may that be at home or at the beach. Couples’ excitement in anticipation of their little one’s arrival is so beautiful to capture. And yes, you can feel both absolutely gorgeous AND sexy.It is always fun when you can see your maternity through your little one’s eyes. Big Sister’s Training Camp was a great opportunity to document all the excitement of waiting for the newest family member from the perspective of the big sister. 



Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

I LOVE family’s first days with a brand new baby at home. These lifestyle sessions document your intimate, most genuine emotions of bringing home a new member of the family. Parents room or baby’s room provide the perfect backdrop for lots of tender moments together. These are the real emotions you want to treasure forever! I always bring a small set to do studio like poses for your newborns.

Grandparents Newborn sessions

This year I had the privilege of photographing grandparents with the newborn grandchild. I’m in love with their perspective into welcoming their new grandchildren. The sense of love and pride is palpable in every single image!

Magazine Teen/Senior Sessions

Because my style is very strong storytelling it is inevitable for me not to have an editorial magazine-style approach when photographing a Teen or Senior session. I love fashion and composition and bringing them out is a lot of fun! What is your favorite fashion magazine? What is your fashion style?

Our studio specializes in custom creating beautiful artwork for our clients to proudly display in their homes. We have carefully selected an heirloom line of products that perfectly goes with our style and our client’s modern taste. Our number one and most sought our product is handcrafted in Italy. Asks us of how we can create lifetime memories of your children today…while they’re still little <3

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