Flowers in the Field McKinney Senior Shoot

Flowers in the Field- McKinney Senior Shoot

In all honestly, I think Senior portraits are boring. I mean, seriously, do a quick google search. Is the same little pose or the same little smile in a cute little outfit in different backgrounds. No personality, no story. Just a bunch of pretty pictures. They are pretty, don’t get me wrong. Who doesn’t want a cute face smiling at the camera? After all, mom trained us from childhood to look at the camera with our pretty smile and say cheese. But dang, these are NOT your every day “look-at-the-camera-and-say-cheese” pictures. These are your Senior photographs! You know, the ones that represent the new you…young, fresh, transformed, interesting, amazing, ready-to-conquer-the-world new person.

I love storytelling editorial photography and I think I found a different way to showcase who you have become in a magazine style Senior session and I love it! I’m constantly thinking about the lookbook and of how you will look if these Senior photographs were to be published in a fashion magazine. Each session is a different editorial shot because each one of you is so different from anyone else. These are the “magic in the details” that makes a huge difference from pretty Senior snapshots and turn your photographs into a personal story that tells anyone who sees your photographs of who you are. Aren’t these the things you want your photographs to show?

Mckinney Senior portrait session Mckinney Senior session Mckinney modern Senior session McKinney Senior photography

Take for example this gorgeous girl. I have photographed her since she was seven years old. If there is something I know about her is how stylish she is, besides stunning, and of how much she loves to get lost in thought in a serene field of dry, tall grass. There was no need to pose if you are doing what you naturally love to do. The outcome is then, a fresh, organic, natural, and modern take on the incredible young man or woman you have become. And you are not boring at all 😉

This is just one part of her Senior photographs and I can’t wait to show you more.

McKinney Senior photography

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