Sexy Lifestyle Maternity Session

By MarElly, San Antonio Maternity Photographer

Our expecting couples are fun, romantic, and I have to say it…dang, they’re hot! This couple celebrated their pregnancy with an intimate, sexy lifestyle maternity session in the comfort of their lovely beach-home in Puerto Rico. The natural light was exquisite and beautifully contour around and shape cute baby bump. The couple shared tender moments of pure joy in anticipation of their precious baby arrival.

They started the session with a meaningful gift, a delicate “it’s a girl” necklace dad gifted his beautiful wife. From that moment I just sit back and allowed them to enjoy their obviously special relationship. A tender caress or a stolen kiss, their love was captured in every single photograph. I thrive to document moments like these.

Everyday little things are captured in a lifestyle maternity session at home like watching Netfix or reading a pregnancy book together. What is the very thing you enjoy doing together while getting ready to receive your baby?

 Good light is everything! We pre-consulted and planned for the best light of the day.  We pre consulted outfits and possible ideas to do on the session day but often times the not planned photographs, the ones we think of in the heat of the creative moment, end of being the ones we love the most! These sequence of intimate black and white and silhouettes portraits turned out to be my absolute favorites! You can create portrait-like images even in the comfort of your home when you have or create good light. I shared these images before and most of the people think they were studio created images.

Well, and at the end, if you live in a gorgeous Caribbean island, better take advantage of the amazing backdrop for beach maternity shots. We welcomed the cutest Baby Alice a little short after the session. Her images? Coming soon…

Oh, but wait. Did I tell you about their amazing maternity book? Their exquisite album was as elegant and sexy as their session. A very modern black and white album kept in a luxurious keepsake box handcrafted in Italy. 

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