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A Bespoke Photographic Exprience dedicated to celebrate mothers

Letters to my Sons and Daughters

A Mother's Legacy

The Most Awaited Happy Thoughts Studio Event of the Year!

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Sara Woll

"Marelly at Happy Thoughts studio is absolutely amazing!" 

Want to know what is included in the Session Fee of $99?
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Purchase by May 15, 2022
Use at any time!
For any type of Session

Only $199


Because you are a one-of-a-kind, beautiful woman with a unique story and a legacy to share, let us create your own personalized look, experience, and photographs for you. 

As a mom myself, I know that being a mom and caring for our families is one of life's most rewarding and joyful seasons. It is a calling like no other. However, it can also leave us feeling overwhelmed, overworked, exhausted, and unappreciated. 

It is time to celebrate who you are, tell your story, and share your legacy.

We have created for you a photo session experience like no other to celebrate and pamper you while creating gorgeous photographs of you. Think of it like a Photo Session that feels like you are at a spa.

And for a limited time, this experience is just $99. 

A Mother's Legacy: Letters to my Sons and Daughters


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THE FINE PRINT: Session fee of $99 is for limited time only and non-refundable. Session fee does not include any other products or digital files and must be purchase separately during your design and order consultation. Don't worry, we will help you choose the best products for your home and office. See below for more details.

Purchase your session by March 31, 2022 and you can have your session any time during 2022 for any type of session.


Let's pamper you with the unique Happy Thoughts Studio experience and we will create gorgeous photographs for you that celebrate you as a women and as a mom!

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For a limited time, all of these for only $99
Yes, you heard right!

The exclusive Happy Thoughts Studio photographic experience.
  • Our exclusive Discovery and Planning Consultation, where we will listen to your story and get to know you. We will then go over wardrobe and styling to create your own personalized look, experience, and photographs. 
  • The VIP Experience: hair and make-up by one of our professional make-up and hair artists (one person only). 
  • Up to 3 hours in-studio photo session to show the world that you rock! (This is no mini-session but the full experience.)
  • Design & Sales consultation where we will help you choose the right products to display your gorgeous photographs.
  • Custom-designed artwork and Digital Files are sold separately and will be made available to you for purchase.
  • And to start you up, with your portrait order receive a SPECIAL MOTHER'S DAY GIFT from us: one Signature Matted Fine Art 5x7 print. 



What does 


I am the creator of and leading photographer at Happy Thoughts Studio. I created Happy Thoughts Studio because before I was a photographer, I was a mom.

I still remember the exhilarating feeling when I held my precious little one in my arms for the first time, the hours and hours I gazed into her squishy little face, her tiny little hands, and feet… time stood still. The world shifted and nothing else matter as much as the precious life I was holding

I can’t keep them from growing up, but I can give you the gift of beautiful portraits that will help you share, reconnect, enjoy, and celebrate your time with your loved ones. I want you to be able to relive forever those amazing feeling and moments every time you see your child’s photograph.

Let's talk!

Hi, my name is MarElly

Because before I was a photographer, I was a mom.

Happy Thoughts Studio is. boutique photographic studio with studios in San Antonio, Texas and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our mission is to help families share, reconnect, and enjoy their time with their loved ones through our unique bespoke photographic experience. 

Happy Thoughts Studio

What is 

All our products are handcrafted with great pride in Italy by:

(Free with the purchase of any Wall Art Collection.)

Digital Art

20 pages/20 images

Brag Book

Signature Books and Albums

Set of 3 Canvas or Acrylic

Table Art Collections

Includes the first 10 matted 5x7 Fine Art Prints.

Portrait Boxes Mov

Includes the first 10 matted 5x7 Fine Art Prints.

Portrait Boxes

Fine Art Printed Matted in Amalfi Paper

Amalfi Panels

Ready for framing.

Matted Fine Art Prints Wall Art

Canvas Pro and Acrylics Pro Wall Art

Products starting at $225

During the Design & Sales Consultation we will go over all the ways you can display your "Mother's Legacy" photographs to decorate and enhance those special spaces at home and/or office. Don't worry, we will help you choose the right display product for you.
All our products are handcrafted in Italy.


Ana Park

"Anytime I tell the family we have a photo shoot coming up, I usually get a room full of groans and complaints. This was a completely different experience..."

Remember, just purchase your session BEFORE May 15, 2022. But you can do the session any time in 2022 and it is not limited to Mother's day but you can use it for any type of portrait session we offer. 

Hint: You can use it as an awesome gift for a loved one.

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