The wonders of being little...


Lord, When they scribble on the walls, please help me see a rainbow!
And when I say something a hundred time, please give me the patience to say it a hundred times more!
And in those particularly annoying days when I tell them to act their age, please help me remember that they are!
And while we're on the subject of age, when I begin to lose my temper, please help me remember to act mine!
And through it all, Lord-the fingerprints and runny noses, messy rooms and unrolled toilet paper, destroyed videotapes and broken knick-knacks- please help me to remember this:
Someday these will be the days I will long to have back again.

You experience with Happy Thoughts Studio begins with a discovery consultation to understand the connections and the meaningful relationships in your family. My goal is to make our photograph beautiful and meaningful for you.

Then, we will make plans to create the perfect mood for your session. We will talk about what to wear and how to best prepare for the session. Just breath, relax and we will help each step of the way.  

During your photographic session, we will celebrate your relationship with each other and focus on what make your child uniquely yours.  

Shortly after your session, you will experience your photographs during your Cinematic Reveal and Design Consultation where we will assist you in the selection and customization of Artwork for your home. 

MOPS Prayer.


 - A discovery consultation to learn about your family and children.
- Your fun and exciting photo session.
- A cinematic reveal of 30-40 photographs celebrating you and your relationships.
- A design and ordering consultation during which we will design the most perfect wall art, album and          portrait collections for your home.
- Full use of our designer dresses.
- This custom designed artwork will be made available to you for purchase.
- High resolution digitals are sold separately.

Your session fee includes:


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