Bella, Bella, Pink Cinderella

By MarElly, San Antonio Children Photographer

Her name is Gabriela and why not, she is a Pink Cinderella! Thus the Bella, Bella, Pink Cinderella! This sweet girl OWNED her dreamy Cinderella-inspired session. She literally sparkled and shined her session giving the classic fairytale her own pinky twist. I’m in love with the colors for this story.

This session is very special. Her aunt gifted her beautiful niece this one-in-a-lifetime dreamy experience and a gorgeous heirloom album to be reminded of her special day.

Each one of my sessions have to be personal because the memories of the captured photographs are just a reflection of who you are at the moment of the session. Each child (or teen) I photograph has their own unique, interesting, dreamy kind of story. I want my photographs to genuinely capture who they were because they don’t stay the same as the grow up. Besides, what mother doesn’t want to glance back at their child’s childhood as the reminescence  through their photographs of how they were when they were little.

Styling for each session is super important to me. When brainstorming for her session in our consultation meeting, we talked about many things she like. The blush pinks and golds where on top of the list and short after favorite classic storybook was the story of Cinderella. We didn’t even hesitated for a second, Pink Cinderella was the story for her.

After the consultation meeting, the real the fun begins. Styling! We try on dresses from the studio or make or buy new ones. Then comes creating a storyboard and scouting for the right place to do the session. Every little detail is taken care of before the session, even the colors in the “castle”!

The “Castle” is a beautiful open pagoda kind of area in a park in Old San Juan. When the soft evening light hits the floor, it turns into a pretty rose gold tone perfectly matching the session colors, eek! I was in love!

From maidservant, with the helpful mouse and friendly birdie friends to getting ready for the mascarade ball, and the dancing at the hall. She had it all, except the carriage. And yes, she even left her shoe behind…that’s a classic. This beautiful Pink Cinderella’s dream came true!

Pink Cinderella
Pink CinderellaPink CinderellaPink CinderellaPink CinderellaPink CinderellaPink Cinderella
Pink CinderellaPink Cinderella

At the end it was all a dream. A dream of childhood that will last and guide her all of her life! That was the special gift her aunt wanted to give her. Dreams do come true!

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