How we create meaningful Artwork


“What a blessing it is when you come across a photographer that can take the fantasy one has in their mind and create it in real life."
Lisa Rodriguez







“Real isn’t how you are made,’ said the Skin Horse. ‘It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.'” The Velveteen Rabbit

We have selected only a few exclusive album binders and wall art pieces to showcase your family’s precious images in extraordinary handcrafted heirloom artwork for you to proudly display in your home. 

Our bestseller storybooks are handcrafted in Italy. Their exquisite materials, customizable art pieces, and world renown “Made in Italy” craftsmanship makes this book the first choice in our studio.

We also offer elegant canvases and fine art, museum grade wall arts to enhance your rooms in your home. 

Custom Heirloom Products

We love working with our clients to create beautiful ways to display their art at home. After every session, we’ll have a design appointment in our studio. At that time we will reveal your beautiful images and I will provide you with experienced guidance as what heirloom art pieces best displays your favorite images. 

Design Appointment

Styling and wardrobe are crucial to creating an amazing piece of art. 
Our clients love our complimentary styling guidance before the session. It is essential for a successful outcome and it makes it easier for our clients to know what to wear and what will photograph well. 

As a boutique studio, we made available carefully selected and unique pieces moms and babies can wear for their sessions.


My clients and I have a lot in common. We are childhood enthusiasts! We are so passionately and crazily in love with our children we’ll want to keep them forever. Having these things in common, ever so often we become a family photographer and friend. 

From the moment you enter our little home studio, you’ll experience our desire to create beautiful art in the carefully selected items we have chosen.

"So, How Do You Want To Display Your Images?"


At Happy Thoughts Studio we don't compromise quality. That is why we have partnered with Italian Book makers, Graphistudio to offer you the very best books and image boxes. 

Located in a region of Italy world-renown for fine leathers, craftsmanship and bookmaking, Graphistudio is famous for their luxurious, impeccable craftsmanship and quality.  

Visit our studio to experience our one of a kind books and image boxes.


This is a themed session uniquely created to celebrate your baby’s first year. I’ll guide you and help you select the theme for your little one. From then we create a custom set with props that will encourage your baby to play and smile in a safe environment. Once we capture as many beautiful playful and fun images, we introduce the cake to capture his/her reactions. Some babies will smash the cake, some will dislike the cake, but oh, so cute memories from this sessions are so worth capturing!

A birthday is a family event, thus why I love to include a few family photographs in this session, preferably before the cake smash :) 

Call to inquiry and book a session.

“Have your cake and eat it too!”


Capturing the first days with your little bundle of joy. This session can be made at home or in our studio. 

At home, sessions are intimate, very close to the heart images of you enjoying your brand new baby in the comfort of your home. They could be in your own bedroom or in the newly designed baby’s room to document his beginnings. I like to take with me a little set to make gorgeous portraits of your baby in a little basket with minimal pops. 

At studio sessions is all about your baby. We prepare up to three sets ups with different baskets or props to photograph your new baby in the cutest most natural poses. We do very elegantly, classic neutral colors to compliment your baby’s beauty without distractions making timeless images. 

Because we work on your baby’s needs and comfort, our newborn sessions can take up to three hours. 

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pure.  natural.   organic.


Maternity photographs capturing the anticipation and happiness while waiting for your little one to arrive. 

Maternity sessions can be lifestyle or thematic. 

We always do a wardrobe consultation before the session to select the perfect outfits. You can choose your own beautiful outfits, or choose from our carefully selected gowns and elegant wardrobe we make available for our clients. We also discuss the places or themes, props to use to make sure we better prepare for a successful session experience and incredibly beautiful photographs.

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romantic.  elegant.   gorgeous.


your session

To book your session or if you have any questions, please call our San Antonio studio at 210.636-7113 or email me at 


Birthday sessions - Around the 12 month we celebrate your baby’s new milestone of standing and sometimes even walking. It is a great time to celebrate his/her reactions with a cake smash too! So much fun! (Due to parent dietary choices we provide for the party, but not for the birthday cake.)

After the baby club is completed, we offer a complimentary outdoors family session for your baby’s second birthday. It is a great opportunity to welcome him or her into toddlerhood and a great opportunity for all family members to have a great family session. 

Documenting your baby’s most amazing milestones during their first year.

We created a baby club with parents who don’t want to miss a thing in mind. We want to help you make sure you celebrate each big step: when your baby sits up all on his/her own, and the big one birthday.

"Sitting up" sessions- “I can sit up all by myself”
This session usually happens around the six month. Now their little personalities are blooming making all kinds of cute and adorable expressions so worth capturing in photographs. We decide on colors and themes to create something unique to photograph your baby in our studio.