This Is Us-Vintage Family Essay (Sneak Peek)

This Is Us-Vintage Family Essay (Sneak Peek)

Have you ever heard of a “Day in the Life” Lifestyle sessions? Quite literally is when a photographer spends a day documenting a family in their daily activities. A true lifestyle photographer looks for natural light and captures real moments as they organically unfurl from family interactions and unconditional love. Life as it happens. No posing, natural, organic photographs. And I LOVE this kind of sessions. They are exactly what I believe every parent would like to remember of their little ones’ childhood. I often remind my clients that we don’t photograph for this time when your child is still little but actually more for when they aren’t. Photographs are the only “physical” thing left from the past that. They are the only tangible memory. The more I do these sessions the more I love them.

This session was even more special. We took the lifestyle photographic concept but we styled for it. My client lived here since childhood. This is the legacy she was given and the legacy she wants to give to her children also. There was no doubt about it, this house, and we won’t deny it, my client’s and I love for Vintage called for it. This family is avid collectors for anything vintage that will enhance their home living enjoyment not only for themselves but for the new generation…their grandkids. The result is then a family photographic essay that documents a day in their lives.

I came across this quote from designer Erin Flett: “Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.”

This family’s house was built in the 1900′ and is still preserved in authenticity and decor. Every room is filled with years of items and stories to tell. Think of a life-size dollhouse to play in. And play is what we did. I couldn’t be happier! I’m over the moon to present this whole gallery to my clients but here is a quick sneak peek of some the fun from the day.

Vintage Styled SessionSTYLING IS EVERYTHING! Selecting the outfits that will not only make the kids and mom feel beautiful but that will also look the part of the story is essential for a great storytelling essay. I happen to be a little obsessed with children vintage dresses and already have a pretty good collection to choose from for each session. This kitchen is so beautiful in white, adding coordinating colors outfits was the way to make the kids’ happy moments to pop. Way until you see the parlor photographs 🙂Vintage Styled SessionVintage Styled SessionOh, the overworked mom from the fifties. Stylish in the kitchen like yeah, but also taking a cigarette “break” while still doing the chores with her five children. This lady rocks at being a mom!Vintage Styled Session

Vintage Styled Session
Vintage Styled Session
Vintage Styled SessionVintage Styled SessionPerfect heartfelt moments will happen when you give your clients a reason to be photographed. Or sneaky moments like in this next photo. Isn’t it awesome when kid’s true personalities and curiosities can be captured in a photograph?Vintage Styled SessionVintage Styled SessionVintage Styled Session

Did I mention music? Think of all the fun happening while listening and dancing to Frank Sinatra. This family (kids included) love music from the 50s. Vintage Styled SessionVintage Styled SessionBathtime is one of my favorite moments of the day to document in a family’s day. Vintage Styled SessionThis is a sneak peek. There are still so many more photographic stories to tell about this family’s day in their Vintage family essay. I’ll show you more soon.

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