Alice in Wonderland Styled Session

Alice in Wonderland Styled photography

Children storybooks! They are a BIG inspiration to me. Classic storybooks ignites imagination through fantastic characters and fascinating places, and if imagination flies, there you will find me trying to capture it through the lens. I absolutely love classic children storybooks. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carol, is one of this kind of books. It triggers your imagination to go to other realms to converse and interact with ridiculous characters that captivates not only your kids imagination, but yours as well.

Reading to your child(dren) allows you to travel to the best places out of this planet and connects you with your sometimes long lost inner child that struggles to get out from time to time and simply enjoy life out of the daily adult responsibilities. It is amazing what reading to your child(dren) can do. It is entertaining, therapeutical, and most important, beneficial to your relationship with your kid(s). It is “you and me time”, it is memorable, and allows your children to see you in a completely different light. So, go ahead, pick a book, start reading, enjoy your child(dren) while they are with you!

This session was so much fun to put together. I basically took my whole furniture from my studio gallery and set it up in the woods. It is a very good thing it didn’t rain that day! The chairs and table clothes are actually real antiquities that I have been acquiring for years. I was able to find an early edition copy of the book with its beautiful illustrations. The mad hatter hat was actually part of a decoration from a birthday party I helped decorate couple of years ago. The little girl’s dad handmade it, and they still have it when I put together this set. It was a perfect addition to this “mad” tea party set.

This family is very dear to me. They not only have two gorgeous sets of twins (boy-girl, boy-girl), but they never actually had celebrated their own wedding reception. I had found the dress a long time before in a local Salvation Army store and absolutely love it and had to have it!!! When we were brain storming ideas for her photo shoot, I showed to her and she fell in love with it too! It fitted her! It was meant to be! An Alice In Wonderland styled session was the perfect theme for them! The had the best wedding reception EVER!

We consulted the rest of the family outfits. This family have spunk! She did a fantastic job styling each one of them staying true to themselves. This is very important when styling, you should be true to who you are. If you do, the pictures are going to be great and natural because they will reflect your true you, even when you are doing a fantasy shoot like this one.

Although I do weddings with my husband through Hidden Kiss Studio, this “wedding” was actually a family session. I gave protagonism to every member, but emphasize on the beautiful “Queen of Hearts” bride, and the “White Rabbit” husband.

What a beautiful day to remember!

Alice in Wonderland Styled photography Alice in Wonderland Styled photography Alice in Wonderland Styled photography Alice in Wonderland Styled photography Alice in Wonderland Styled photography Alice in Wonderland Styled photography Alice in Wonderland Styled photography Alice in Wonderland Styled photography Alice in Wonderland Styled photography

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